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Level 663 player, consistently get about 5,000 pts per day in GW, able to meet 500k/1300/200 minimums. My guild just imploded due to poor leadership (not me, I’m just another rat leaping off the sinking ship).

PC ps4 or xbone?

Hello Evilyne
We are a german Guild Mystichunter Rank 66. We get all task and we are active in the Guild Wars. We communicate on discord. If you like i would invite you. Or if you have questions you can add me on discord Rina#3939

If you’re pc/mobile, check out the Hoguns recruitment post here on the forums :slight_smile:

Mobile. iPhone to be precise.

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Our Guild ist PC/mobile. If you like we would invite you. But for better conversation you have to use discord. So add me Rina#3939 is my discord ID