Please delete off topic post

Hi everyone i saw sirrian locked virginia thread and decided to delete some of my post, not because they were innapropriate but they were just off topic

So i suggest to everyone who posted meme and everything off topic to delete it by yourself cause i don’t want any dev to be obligated to clean this and spend precious time they could spend on the game
Thank for the understanding


Haha I just posted the exact same thread. My bad! I guess we had the same idea at the same time. Cheers.


I have cleaned up my own mess! :wink:

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Good work :slight_smile: i hope everyone do the same

I wisht i could help @robert to delete his posts lol he got lot of job to do :slight_smile:


@taliaparks also…

@sirrian you can delete my thread if you want, i don’t think it is necessary to have 2 of same thread ty

I cleaned up all me ramblins:-)