Please change 'explode Doomskull' weapon upgrades a bit

I love the control concept of Deathknell, with the weaon being very low impact/power for a Hero weapon the upgrade tiers are very important and did a lot for it to actually impact something and the two single explosions on cast work really well with its auto extra turn.

The problem is with now nerfed explosions, and Doomskulls being kind of a rarity to even appear on screen its final Tier IX upgrade ends up doing literally nothing most of the time while the weapon is back to super low impact.
Could you change its Tier IX upgrade(and possibly all other Doomskull specific upgrades on weapons) to target regular Skulls instead when no Doomskulls are available? That would do a lot for this weapons usefulness after the explosion nerf and the feel of the final upgrade actually being worthwhile and not just a veeeeery much worse version of its Tier VII upgrade.

Please consider this, thank you.


This seems pretty reasonable. The cases where there’s no doomskull OR skull on the board are rare enough “do nothing” is probably OK for those, right?