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Please allow us an option of taking the "troop" from weekly events

I’m sure I’m not alone here but virtually every week for the weekly “Event” the troop that they offer x3 of is a troop I already have at “Mythic” and usually 4 copies or more of.

Can we please have an option here of taking the “Troops” or something instead whether that be resources (Gems, Diamonds heck even gold)?

I’m very sad every week looking to see the troop of the week is yet another one I don’t need yet again. It would be great if the newer players that wanted / needed the troop can get their 3 copies of it but also allow the higher level folks with most of the troops an alternative to basically just doing 500 treasure map turns (as an example) for 3 Baba Yaga’s that we are going to convert into a measly 150 souls :frowning:



Nice idea, never going to happen. It would set a dangerous precident which would open the floodgates for everyone wanting unique rewards catered to their needs for every mode & event in the game. You read enough of the forums - you know this to be true & inevitable.

I think you have to accept not every reward will be useful to every one of us. They need to be more general. As for weekly events, if you’re intending to finish the to get the 2 rewards above the 3x epic anyway it just means you get 150 souls as your reward for that level in order to get the other 2 rewards.


Well one fix would be for them just to remove the troops as an event reward completely and just throw in more souls / gems etc. that would be easy enough

I’m an endgamer that doesn’t benefit from the 3 epics given during events. But, I used to be a newbie that would have loved to get those 3 needed epics. So, I don’t think they should be removed just because they aren’t valuable at end game.


I agree!

I think Calv1n meant kind of replacing the epic reward after you got four copies of it at mythic rarity only, though. Basically like guardians which stop dropping from guild chests when you got 4x mythic ones, the event would give you something instead of the three epic copies.

However, that seems to me like a lot of coding work for something that would, for fairness reasons, surely only be another 1k souls or 15k gold or whatever comes between the key and gem rewards. And an endgame player can earn these things in 10 minutes. So a lot of work for the devs for very little gain for anyone.

Hence, me voting no.


I think the answer is that you can disintegrate or whatever your extra troops to convert them to souls. You probably don’t need souls, either, but those are rewards too within the events.

The problem with “collectible” games is the closer to completing the collection you get, the more likely your random accumulated items are duplicates. “Event rewards” are more or less random in this sense: you don’t have influence over them.

Like @Sheba, I can’t think of an alternative reward that’s fair and exciting once you’ve got so many troops at mythic.


With the announcement of “a lot of more troops coming” over the next year, maybe you’ll soon find that you don’t have so many of the event troops at mythic anymore. Let’s let some dust settle and see what happens.

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