Players with skill PS4

Is anyone even competitive on this game?

I dunno. Let’s start a poll?

  • Yes
  • No

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When poaching doesn’t work, resort to crying on the forums🤣


I can do a combo with 69 hits and finisher before it gets to finish. And once I did get to finish him before I successfully caught him with the 69 hit combo

You mean because noone can beat the Phreekz in Guild Wars?

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I wonder how many actually care to do so tho.

We’re in b1 from 3 weeks and more than half the guild would make a party if our BossyBoss wont register us (me among them).

But more on topic, are the gramps on bingo houses competitive? never heard of any CatFight among them on news for now, so, why i should be competitive here then?

Being “competitive” had a sense in the mmorpg i played before this, here got 0 sense imo.