Player statistics by seals

Please make his statistics displayed in the player’s profile on the number of seals he averaged per week. This is necessary to distinguish active new players from inactive ones. Now to understand the active player or not, you need to wait three or four days. And this is a problem.
I apologize for English - I used Google translator.

Take the number of days they’ve been in your guild. Divide it by 7. Then divide their total seals by that number. That will give you their averages if ever unsure.

I write about new players.

If they are new to the guild then seals aren’t the best way to track activity. Since they may have claimed their seals with a different guild that week.

Wherever they pick up seals, this average number can be displayed in the profile. And when a new player comes to me, I will see an active player or another bot, which can be excluded immediately. Not wait half a week.

Let me see if I understand you:

(1) your guild is public, so anyone can join
(2) you get people who join without an invitation
(3) some of these people are active players, and some are not
(4) you want a way to see if a player is inactive (then you can boot inactive players and make room for active players)
(5) you are suggesting that “average seals per week” is a way to distinguish active and inactive players
(6) you want “average seals per week” to be visible in a player’s profile so you can check this number easily


Yes, that is right.

Does one even acquire seals if you are active, but not in a guild?

Your problem.
My problem is the growing number of players who come to the Guild only to take rewards for completed tasks.

No you don’t. One of my accounts was guildless for a couple of weeks I then played a lot for a week and joined a guild just before weekly reset and didn’t have any seals to claim.

To the OP. If you have a seal requirement and and only want active people then either turn on invite only and recruit people through the forum and global chat or keep it public and take the risk of inactive people joining and kick them when they don’t do the requirement.

2 of my guilds have a gold requirement so we have it on invite only and do recruiting and we don’t have many problems with getting inactive people that don’t do reqs.