Play Station Platinum Trophy for 100% completion request

Hello, is it possible to have a Playstation Platinum Trophy for 100% completion of the game since this game is out since a bit? Also, is it possible to have other achiements/playstation trophies in the game? I’m asking that because it’s like a challenge for me to have those and it keeps me playing and make new teams and I’m really proud to show my platinum trophies to say that i got 100% in a game. Thanks.

There is new content for troops being added all the time as well as possibly more kingdoms and classes in the future. How would a 100% completion trophy work?

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There’s never going to be the chance of 100% completion of the game, simply because they want to keep people chasing that carrot which is always just dangling out of reach…

Yeah you are right. Maybe we could have it for a big part like until “craft Xathenos” and the other parts count as now like DLCs trophies/achievement.


A large amount of content is permanently paywalled, like old weapons, so an achievement like that would cost hundreds of dollars. Something for 1000 troops, max renown, or whatever would be totally fine, though.

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the achevement should be for zuul not this POS haha

The Game is free to play.NO Platin Trophy for these kind of Games.

Fortnite has one though?

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-Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms (free to play) has the platinum trophy
-Bunny Raiders (free to play) has the platinum trophy
-Genshin Impact (free to play) has the platinum trophy
-Fortnite (free to play) has the platinum trophy
-Paladins (free to play) has the platinum trophy

Maybe there are others, but please If you don’t know things don’t comment, thank you.

Is it possible to have an answer from devs regarding new achievements/Playstation trophies and a platinum trophy for completion, as I was speaking about?
As I said, lots of free games have a platinum trophy and lot of people would join the game to play for the platinum trophy, doing so the game will be more populated and promoted to people that don’t know about Gems of War.
Lot of people are interested also in having 100% trophies (like me) so they eventually remain to play the game until the end and will come back when there will be a new update.

Please, think about this devs, thanks.

UP, this game definetely needs a platinum trophy.

Has there ever been a 100% psn game which got a platinum in the same list later?
Dont think Sony even allows it.

Yeah I think you are right