Play every day? Join our drama-free guild

Come join Active Inc.! PC/Mobile, English speaking guild.
Lots of friendly, long term members. All guild members are lvl 1000 or above. We all play every day, but we’re chill about it.
We’re an independent guild and there’s not much structure. Play at your own pace and have fun.
No required event buy in but you must play your free sigils each week. We always clear reward level 12, and sometimes through 16.
Guild Wars (whenever it comes back) is required daily but no minimum sentinel buy.
Weekly minimum requirements are 500,000 gold, 2000 seals, 200 trophies, although most of us do more than that.
We hit 40,000 seals every week. All basic guild tasks completed each week. Legendary tasks completed once/month.
Currently ranked 227 in global rankings. We were in bracket 18 in the last guild wars.
Discord optional - info shared through in-game chat.

P.S. we have 2 open spots right now so you can join with friends/family.