Platform Exclusive Pet

I saw in the shop just now that the platform exclusive pet is purchasable.

It seems like a test file has leaked into the actual server by mistake.

But £48 to get a useless cosmetic pet to mythic?

Wow… just… wow…


At least it’s not counting towards the actual total of pets.

How do they even make an Android/iOS/Win exclusive pet available as they all run on the same Steam servers.

Waiting for “Bought the pet, counter is now showing 67/66”. :smirk:

I tend to use “whoops we pushed this file too early” as early signs an update is near. There’s always stuff they forgot to hide behind a date or version gate. So this probably means we’re within a month of the update, probably on the nearer side.

Also second bit of evidence: want to guess when they upgraded their server version to the new one? Check when the server issues happened yesterday.

You mean they upgraded the server when no one was in the office?

Sleepwalk is a serious thing!

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It’s definitely gonna be before the Queen Of Sin Mythic <-Spoiler
Because no art yet on TaransWorld :grinning:

The ones I’m talking about happened pretty late in my evening, which is some time around Aussie noon/afternoon.

The huge server issue that everyone complained about happened yesterday morning in the US/midnight AUS Server issues (change the less than 15 characters minimum please)
Or are you referring to other small server lags which happen once in a while?

We’re way off-topic but I think what happened is:

  1. I had some lag that lasted a while
  2. I looked on the forums to see if people were complaining
  3. I saw that post and thought it was newer than it was