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Plaguelord build

What’s the best Talents and Team for Plaguelord?

…that entirely depends on your troops and weapon. If you just want a list of the strongest talent choices available to Plaguelord:

Impact is useless if you aren’t in front, but if you are, it’s one of the strongest talents. Dark Hunger can hit slowly chisel away at health, and is a great tool for removing enemy barrier on the first troop. Mage Lord is incompatible with Impact (you won’t be hit with skulls if you’re in the back, where Mage Lord works).

Anti-Magic Sphere is very strong, but if you aren’t worried about spell damage on your hero, take plaguebearer.

Mana Source is the obvious selection on its row. Then take Rock Solid, unless you have a very specific use for Sudden Doom. Level 70 is up to you. If you’re collecting purple and brown gems, Arcane Surge or Stone Mastery might be good, otherwise if your hero is getting hit a lot and you do spell damage, Delirium could be good.

At level 100, it’s a no brainer, take Fortitude, every time.

If you’re just looking for ideas, though, here’s one:

And here’s another:

And here’s one with Essence of Evil:

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for posting up these teams. I have never done much with the plague lord but now at least I know where I can start. That and because I’m a filthy team stealing team stealer :stuck_out_tongue: