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Plague Rat question

Can I use Plague Rat on my Shield of Urskaya team?

Shield (Sentinel)
Harpy Mage

Would it work to replace Harpy Mage or Leprechaun? Thinking about feeding Shield faster.

Sure. Useful if you’re dealing with colour restrictions.

Leprechaun is nice because hes empowered. That gives a nice fast start. But, if you’re doing a really long fight, he becomes less useful.

Harpy Mage is nice because she creates a duststorm.

Both Plague Rat and Leprechaun use green, and sharing the same color may slow things down.

If this is for explore, I would think Leprechaun and Harpy Mage are faster. But, you could always time it and find out

Thanks; I subbed out Harpy Mage with the Rat. Works really well! I have no one using Yellow on the team, but have no banner that is +2 Green, with -1 for Yellow. So I am using Dark Elven (Green/Purple)

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