"Pitty" dagonite please devs?

With this flawed system of getting “free” dragonite from perfect runs getting tiring, how about if you dont get a perfect run for the entire week, award the player with 50 dragonite. Dungeons would need to played and cleared to get this pitty dragonite so the game would register that its not a perfect run.

player base i would like you thoughts :slight_smile:

I disagree, but i tend to disagree with everything the player base wants.

Can’t you just get dragoshit from campaing rewards? There are plenty of those!

Just for the record, here are the other sources of Dragonite:

  • Dungeon offer (60 for 300 Gems)
  • Wandering Merchants (30 for 150 Gems, or 15 for free)
  • Dragonite Gnomes (variable)
  • Occasional Campaign rewards (maybe Kingdom Pass too?)

Personally I think the daily Gem Dragon boss should always drop a minimum of 1 Dragonite (whether or not this finished the run).


Currency without value. Just buy patience

I always click the same 3 battles first in dungeon, and have not had a perfect run in 4 weeks. I’m stupid though, so idk what the actual statistical chance are. I also do not buy dragonite, as I’m not a fan of spending gems on annoying loot box mechanics.