Phone goes to sleep

I’ve searched the forums on the topic and I have only found the opposite issue.

When I am playing the game on mobile, during long cascades by the enemy or times I take a moment to do things, my phone will go to sleep instead of staying on the game. I have checked and the power save option is unchecked… I have even checked it just to see if the setting might be backward.

Other mobile apps (games mainly) do not allow the phone to time out, this only happens in Gems of War. Any ideas why this is happening?

Same happens on my phone, so I have to go into phone settings to activate so screen stays on longer before it turns itself off. Prehaps you tried this on your model. I have a chinese Xiamoi Redmi 4 Pro. You?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8.

This is the only game I have played that allows my phone to go to sleep while playing. Any other game I can leave my phone sit any length of time and it won’t go to sleep while the game is active.

I hope the dev support might help you. Good luck!

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maybe your phone is tired give it a break man!

Have you checked your phone Settings/ Display/ Screen Time Out?

(Apologies if you have, I just thought I’d ask)

No need to apologize. As I said in an earlier reply, Gems of War is the only game this happens with. My screen timeout is set for 30 seconds, but I can play other games (Hearthstone, Eternal, Puzzle Quest, just to name a couple) and the screen will never go to sleep while the game is the active app. I used to play Eternal while I ran on the treadmill, 30 - 45 mins and the phone never timed out.

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Fair enough. I just didn’t want to tell you things you already knew.

Personally I prefer the phone to time out, simply because it burns through battery so quickly (about 1% every two minutes!) that, if it didn’t, very soon I’d have no battery left :frowning:

As mentioned by Rockwell, we are using the system’s time out settings when the game is open, as it is good practice to not interfere with these settings to drain the battery of phones while the game is not in use. If you change these system settings, the game will also take that amount of time before the screen will time out.