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Pharos-Ra damage

I played a 3x Pharos-Ra / Valkyrie team and after a single Valkyrie cast, Pharos-Ra was able to one-shot anybody on my team (doing at least 110 damage). I did not try enough to see what a straight Pharos-Ra cast would do, only after Valkyrie, but it certainly seems odd that 20+18 = 110+.

What am I missing? From what I can see this damage isn’t adding up. The boost ratio I’ve found is 1:1, so the damage increases with every cast, but it either didn’t start at 0 or the boost is insane.

Best I can find is that the 150% third trait is multiplicative and shared, meaning that this will be hard to fix. I apologize in advance if this is exposing a lesser-known exploit, but I haven’t seen it before today. It looks like it’s something asinine like 150% bonus three times iteratively. Whatever the case is, this seems terribly broken.

It’s not an unbeatable team by any stretch, but I didn’t think a single Valkyrie cast would mean any of the other three cards could one-shot nearly anything.

Every Pharoh-Ra add +60 to the 40 souls cap. With 3 Pharoh-Ra, your maximum soul gain would be 220 souls, or 550% of original amount

Let’s say Valkyrie is able to gain 20 souls with every cast. This amount also got multiply by Pharoh-Ra’s boost, that will be 5.5 × 20 = 110 soul. When Pharoh-Ra cast his spell after this, he will able to do 110 extra damage, like you encounter.


His damage is boosted by souls collected.



Yes, I realize the damage is boosted by souls collected.

I was asking what the effect on souls was with multiple cards. The previous answer is not exactly helpful.

Basically, look for the number of Soul displayed on top of the board. That’s the number that Pharoh-Ra will use to boost. You can’t look at the number on troop cards, as that could be misleading.

And, if your Valkyrie would normally required 2 cast to maximize souls, it will always stay that way whatever team you put her in. Necromancy/Necro Master trait will multiply soul sgain automatically.

3x 150% of Valkyries soul gain
If Valkyrie is getting 16 souls + 24 souls (1st Ra) + 24 souls (2nd Ra) + 24 souls (3rd Ra) = 88 souls


Has to be more. It says 150% bonus, which would mean 18 from Valkyrie and then 45 from each PR. That would mean a single cast results in 173 damage for 20 base. That’s one-shotting everybody.

But then, your shot shows otherwise. I guess it could have been 108. Except this Valkyrie was at 18, so that’s 119 for 20 base.

If she had 18 souls gain then it’s 18+27+27+27=99 + Ra’s base damage of 21 = 120 damage after her first cast