Petition to revert to 6.8 and make Trial mode SEPERATE

Signed. But as a newish player, i would rather see stuff fixed before coming up with new game modes. I would guess losing top players would be a bigger loss than trying to scrape money from new ones.


Signed for ma.
This thing is completely awful

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For years no even used the hero and so they released OP weapons and hero classes. Now that everyone uses the hero they remove it from arena and now challenges. I petition for 505 to make up their minds.


Signed your petition

Signed. I want to use my own troops in this mode, and i want them to at least be comparable in lvl. going against lvl 200 troops when mine are 20 is bullshit. you are never going to survive because this crappy AI just drops skulls and nukes yer team, or cascades and gets mana endlessly. its very dumb. revert, or fix the mode. i wont be touching it until im forced to


Though i have no hope of seeing it fixed.
That would demonstrate care.
There is none to be found with this team of devs.

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Count me in. If only there was a way to get this petition into or something like that. With the Dungeon update, and now this update, the devs have proven that either they’re out of touch, or they don’t care about their customer base.

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A ‘revert’ is not gonna happen.

Ich bin dafür, alles wieder zurück. Update 9.6 rückgängig machen!!!

Totally agree - trials are woeful- please rethink devs

Signed. Make fun of me if you want but I really liked challenges. They were a really good resource early game. Now they are actually impossible except for mid-late game players. The events are already hard enough to make teams for if you’re missing a lot. This update trend of ignoring what players are asking for and ruining more of the game instead… it’s just really depressing.


Assolutamente d’accordo, se serve questa vale da firma.
Vorrei anche aggiungere che trovo questo aggiornamento, chiamiamolo così :thinking:, pessimo anche esteticamente ed inoltre sta proprio trasformando il gioco in altro.
Vorrei fosse completamente ripensato, quando le cose funzionano non è sempre utile modificarle a tutti costi…
Ciao e spero che la tua proposta abbia successo​:+1::blush:

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I will sign a petition like this with a million unique signatures if it would help, but this nonsense is here to stay. This update has got me so upset I would like to apologize to all my fellow players who’ve left the game because they saw this game going down the drain, and I thought they were exaggerating.

I hope they fix everything that’s wrong with how the game is going, but that’s a tall order. Only the powers that be know where all the money I spent on this game went because it sure enough doesn’t look like it was used to improve the game. The graphic design of the game is starting to suck, the choices of gameplay they gave us are starting to suck.

I want to believe things will change but I highly doubt anything will improve. I can only start believing once we see improvements. Improvements we asked for. Most games improved when they listened to the players and the ones that don’t always go to :poop: :unamused:


Signed, its complete garbage


Buck this horseapples.

Yes, I can see no reason to remove challenges completely. That was a mistake. Trials can exist alongside challenges. I put a lot of time and effort into challenges. I haven’t played in earnest in a long while, and I haven’t paid for content even longer, but if this update was intended to bring me back into the game it failed miserably. Why would I return to a game that just wiped out a ton of my progress and replaced with with yet another miserable content update. I’m only here in this thread now because I’ve been hearing massive gripes about this update on other gaming forums.

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i’m sure they can’t revert the update, plus I think there are a few good things in there. But making the trials separate would be agreeable if not able to just remove them. The first one was slow but doable. this second one is a nightmare. so many people complaining that it takes 10-20 battles and 30-60 minutes to just complete one, if they can even win one. I finally switched up troops and got a win, and I’m not bothering with the rest.

There was some pretty legendary uproar when they ditched the old fantasy-esque art style in favor of the current look. That’s the only other time I recall demands for a rollback hitting this level.

That rollback didn’t happen either.

The. Devs. Do. Not. Care.

It hasn’t mattered what they do to the game since people keep spending. The bottom line is what the devs care about. (I used to say ‘the suits’ instead of ‘the devs’ but part of the acquisition by DigiBros included a 4-year financial incentive based on how much money the game makes. There’s a reason why every major update includes more crap to buy.)


AMEN! You’re preaching to the choir here!

Ain’t none of what we say that will make a difference to the devs.

Bottom line, they get paid, so they have no reason to care about what we say.