Petition to revert to 6.8 and make Trial mode SEPERATE

Please for the love of the Sun, revert this horrific luck-based drag(slow) mode so that we can continue with our earned progress in challenge mode, this is like a slap in the face to customers comparable to how path of exile nuked character-builds.

This Trial mode is not only extremely luck-based, most decks you’re given have 0 synergy the moment a single card is destroyed, and some are even such a drag that it can take you half an hour to get to that last card aaaaaand theres a free extra turn skull drop for the other team yay!!!

You think this increases fun in this game or that it tanks it making people want to quit and end up stressed irl?

Its the second.

Some trials are so badly thought out that there isn’t even fun to be obtained were you to beat them (driftin sands for instance)… how the heck is this for new players!!!

I’m a veteran from 8 years ago on ps3, quit for a long time and recently came back on LT to a great guild, building up my decks again hoping to one day tackle all the challenges and now you’ve ruined it for me, and watching the other threads on this subject for A LOT of other players aswell.

Make this a SEPERATE mode, give us back our challenge mode.

That is my petition I hope people will join.


I totally agree with this. Trials should either be a separate mode or a mode that gets unlocked once all challenges for that kingdom are completed. Additionally a slight tweak to trials would make it far more enjoyable. Allow players to create their own team and allow them to use their hero if they want, just kingdom lock it, including the class available, to make it a bit more difficult.


yes! this!


Agreed. They got this so wrong its hard not to think it was deliberate. Unless they let the work experience kid design it, i find it impossible to believe anyone in the design team genuinely thought this was a good idea.


Signed. Not that it matters, the official stance on this is that no matter how much disliked and broken a game mode is, they will never, ever change anything about it until the next rework at least three years later. There’s some official old post where they explain that moving on to the next feature makes them more money than fixing anything about a released one.


Signed. Put me on the list. totally disgusted by this update. It’s not a real update, it’s becoming a totally different game.


Signed. April Fool’s Day was 25 days ago now. This update is an abortion.


Could you stop spamming that in every single thread? Please?


signed this update sucks!!!


A petition? Consider this my signature


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Count me in!

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Count me in!

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you have my blessing and signature. but let’s not get our hopes up – they do NOT care.


Agreed and signed

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As a paying customer, I strongly disagree with the term “petition”.

We aren’t humbly asking our Little Father the Czar to help us peasants out of the mess he, in his infinite wisdom, put us in.

This said, I’d rather see this new game mode throw out with the garbage because, let’s be honest, who would ever play it if choice is offered?

If anything, have it unlocked after all challenges are done, as an extra-punishing way to get to high, high, high kingdom levels.

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A punishing way for not paying a free-to-play game, perhaps?

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Signed. But as a newish player, i would rather see stuff fixed before coming up with new game modes. I would guess losing top players would be a bigger loss than trying to scrape money from new ones.


Signed for ma.
This thing is completely awful

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For years no even used the hero and so they released OP weapons and hero classes. Now that everyone uses the hero they remove it from arena and now challenges. I petition for 505 to make up their minds.


Signed your petition