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"Pet Teams" is a phrase without enough characters in it

Hey All,

So with the advent of pet bonuses, I’ve been looking at teams that maximize pet bonuses. Not necessarily good teams, mind, just going for the big bonuses. When the pets for Sword’s Edge, Human, and Knight come out, this seems like a fun one:

Knight Coronet
Ser Cygnea
Champion of Anu
Queen Ysabelle

Trait bonuses
Knight Coronet (+3 all, +3 magic)
Knights(everyone) +2 ARM
Humans(everyone) +2 ARM
Blue(everyone) +1 all at start of turn
Knights(everyone) +2 life
Humans(everyone) +2 ARM at start of turn

Team Bonuses (assuming no pet levels, all apply to everyone)
Blue +8 ARM
Sword’s Edge +20 ARM
Human +4 att +4 life +4 ARM
Knight +4 att +8 ARM

So even with no levelling on your pets, your whole team starts with +47 armor, and gains 3 every turn. (And then your opponent plays Tesla…) I’m still looking for some better ones that only use the pets that are already out; what’s everyone else playing?


Grand Inquisitor
War Cleric

Gets you: 4xYellow, 4xWhitehelm, 4xDivine, 4xHuman. Only the Yellow and the Divine pets are out yet, but its a start…

There’s something half-decent around:

The Wild Queen
Marsh Strangler / Sea Troll

4xGreen, 4xElemental, 2xFey, 3xPan’s Vale
But Siren and Nyx block each other, and I don’t own the Queen in any case…

I have a 4x Maugrim Woods, green, beast team consisting of Fenrir, Forest Guardian, Spirit Fox and Wulfgarok, but it only gets one troop-type bonus.

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