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Pet Rescue doesn't allow collecting rewards (XB1)

My apologies if this is not the correct area for this. I looked through several areas, and did not see this listed for Console anywhere else:

When playing Pet Rescue, I was waiting to collect my rewards for my progress until I had finished, because I didn’t see anywhere that it says we need to collect before the time runs out. Well, my time ran out while I was in the last battle, and when I tried to collect the rewards (and my Pet), it says something like “this event has ended” (I didn’t think to write down the exact message), and I am unable to collect my event rewards.

I reported this to 505support, and they pointed me here to post.

You will get the rewards for the battles you completed (before the time limit ended) in the mail in under an hour.

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That didn’t happen. I was playing for several hours (5-6) after that rescue event, and I believe the only mail I got during that time was for guild task completion. If I had gotten the rewards via mail, I would not have opened the ticket with 505games (as they have the ability to see my profile, and would have pointed out that I got the rewards already, if I indeed had, which I did not).

For this very reason, I collect my reward after every fight. I have instructed lower levels in my guild to do likewise. Alot of them have gotten a pet after fight 1, when they to thought they were to weak to do the fight at all.
Sorry to hear that you lost out. Hope they get you compensated promptly.