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Personal Notes section in the game

I really miss this feature in almost each game which requires serious delving for many days: simple in-game notes. Of course, ideally it should be something like Evernote, and with hooking to the game events also. But even simple folder with personal notes like “Wait for 1 more Deck Hand and promote it” or “Don’t fight with Alice anymore” will fit. It’s not convenient to have notes in a separate word processor.

Um, this doesn’t seem to have attracted much support does it?

Personally I have no need of this and would rather the devs didn’t waste time on it, sorry.

Honestly I am quite afraid of any non-critical functionality being added to an already bloated and ill-conceived UI.

Until a full re-think happens I personally don’t want anything else added when there are bigger fish to fry.

In an ideal world yes that’s a feature I’d like to see in many games. I can admit that. I think given where the game is at and how useful it would be to the average player I’d prefer it be left out and I suggest you use app-switching to keep notes (which is honestly how most desktop/mobile OSes are designed to be used anyhow).