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Persistant Early Event Closing Bug

PQ1 PQ2 etc i think i got them all.

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox one

Screenshot or image:
Im on the x1, cant send.
What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
For me to get the pets i worked for. My team is consistant at wins and animation speed is maxed.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Persistant for the last few weeks. Everytime so far.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Notice the event.
  2. Note the time remaining IE 59 minutes.
  3. Beat waves of enemies quickly, get to the last two, note time remaining, 29 minutes.
  4. Beat the last two in less than ten minutes, note the time remaining 19 minutes
  5. Receive fustration, anger, shock, depression, sadness, hoplessness, dispondancy, disillusionment, desperation, loneliness, fear, anxiety when the game gives you, yet again, the pop up the event has ended earlier than it was supposed to.

I play on Xbox One and not once has this happened to me, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t ever happen to me, but so far I haven’t heard of this not even within my guildmates, and many of us have many of them pets at mythic.
Actually, many times I’ve started chasing the pet with 6/8 minutes left and manage to beat all 8 fights on time.
Try and provide with some video recording to show the bug to others to get a better assist please

Hey there, sorry you’ve been experiencing issues with the Pet Events. Please note that the event message “the event has ended” will appear if the event ends during a battle - even if you are on the last battle this can happen.
Please share some screenshots of the progress over time during this issue so we can look into it further.