Perma Silenced in Battle

Operation system


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I was in the last battle in Hall of Guardians and my first troop (Divinia) was silenced after skull damage. The enemy troop died but the silence effect stayed through out the battle. This has happened from time to time in other battles.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Periodically with Silence effect troops.

How many turns passed since the last time you hit Silent Sentinel with skulls and the end of the battle?
If you’re on a really unlucky streak, it takes ten turns (if I’m not mistaken) for Silence to wear off.

He died right after Divinia was silenced, and I believe it was the start of battle (first troop I target since it’s annoying). I cannot recall how many turns. Does the silence last longer for that troop? I cannot recall other silences lasting that long.

well it’s 10% cumulative chance, so on your next turn you have 10%, next 20%… and on your 10th turn you have 100% chance to cleanse it


@jzg beat me to it!
In absolute worst case scenario it takes ten turns for negative effects to wear off (except for poison that can only be cleansed via spell).

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If you are silenced for say, 5 turns and then hit Silent Sentient, the negative effect resets so the next turn won’t be a 60% chance but rather a 10% chance… makes high level of that place a major pain.

That’s crystal clear, thanks.
I’ll hop in with a question of mine
Always wondered how does it work when you are under one negative status effect, like freeze, and two turns later you get another, like burn.
Would the second time you were inflicted with a status effect restart the cumulative of the first back to 0%?
Or is it that each negative status effect has its own internal cumulative percentage?

To my knowledge no. It’s only if the same status effect is reapplied it resets like the example I mentioned of being silenced for five turns for the silence to be reapplied. Could be wrong on that though.