Perfect run, 8.8k GW score (with brainfart)

Has anyone any idea how i end up with a low 8.8k score instead of a 9.3ish score?

I had no deaths, 5/5 wins, good mana generation, not too much damage taken (few skulls), quite few moves and all pure damage (no true damage). On top of it, the opponents were mostly 15k+ rated and quite tough.

I never saw a score that low for a perfect run.

Your score is also composed of:

  • how much mana you collect versus how much mana the enemy collects
  • how many turns (individual actions) it takes you to win, with bonus points for under 30

Ok, turns out i’m a complete idiot. I switched a troop for Infernus the last 2 battles. He has no green ofc. Wtf.

Smacks face.

Case closed.


I can’t say for sure, but the only time I’ve seen a perfect run score be as this is due to 1 of few things:

Most likely

  1. defense team has a dupe troop
  2. accidentally using a wrong colored attack troop on a battle (or all depending on whether you caught it)

These may not apply in your case. Only providing observations of things I’ve seen in my 4+ years of playing

Doh. You answer.

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Lol, love the title change :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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Has anyone figured out the highest score you can get in a day’s worth of battle in GW? I thought it was 10k but I scored higher once.

Screenshot or it never happened :wink:

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I’ve mixed up the color days & charged in with a completely wrong team before.

I’ve also accidentally gone in with a pitiful soul farming team back before the explore update. After about 20 mins of desperately flailing about I somehow managed to win.

Talk about some facepalm moments…i’m sure most of us can relate at some point or another.


I should say 9750 points.