Perfect Delve Calculator

-Added Deep Delves (marked with # as first letter of the faction in the faction selection dropdown)
-Added new gnome room to the table
-Added Crypt Keepers Deep Delve (called Crypt Keepers 2)
-removed the description (coming back soon, just needed to hurry coz of the current faction event)

-All-Seeing Eye will be added soon
-Graphic of Crypt Keepers 2 will be reworked soon, but it’s currently workin as intended


Are you using a brute-force calculation, or is there a more mathematical way to handle the permutations?

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to handle the complexity for ages!

Well it took me a few month and I had to start from scratch two times.

What I did in the beginning was gettin all permutations (5040) and insert them in a column. Then I used the MID() function to get every number in 7 seperated columns for each row. That way i got kick off for the rest which took me around 4 month to finish it.
The most trouble I had was with the pics. I had to let me create the macro which you see above and had to add comments which are hidden in the A column.
There are still a few things that have to be done manually i.e. mark the vaiable permutations for each faction, but thats kinda easy and just takes a like an hour for each faction. Visible from column BU:FE (left some space there for upcomin factions).

If you are more interested in that monster, you can also fade in the columns H:FE and the rows 30:5041 to see everything. Just be aware of that every function is in german.

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Hi @CaptainAwesome,

Thanks for putting so much time in your spreadsheet and sharing that here!
Im real interesting in it but must look if I can use it with my visual disorder and its in German as I understand you right.
Now mI delving with highest multipliers theory.
Tomorrow Im gonna take a better look on your project! :star_struck:

It’s in every ingame language
Mostly translated by using an online translator

Just the functions.
I used the german wording coz my settings are in german and that sheet is complicated enough so I didnt wanna translate every function when there is no need to do that

Hi @CaptainAwesome,

I can understand you kept the German language in your sheet for sure if its complicated by itself the language will not be a problem for me Im not unknown with German and otherwise there are enough language tools to understand every language you want :wink:

I will look at it for sure, and hopefully it will help me by delving!
Have a great weekend!

Maybe you overread the point where I said it’s in every ingame language.
You can select between english, german, spanish, french, italian, russian and chinese.

Updates for All-Seeing Eye#2 will follow the upcoming week probably

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No I had read that but thanks!
Im atm install the programs that are needed for this :wink:
Okay, thats a lot to read/see and find out how everything works, this will take a much longer time for me.
If I have questions, I will find my way to you :wink:
Then you come to the point you realize OMG its far from easy at all :face_with_spiral_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

-added All-Seeing Eye 2

be aware of the notification in the explanation for All-Seeing Eye 1 & 2

-Obsidian Depths added

This is admirable work but i am a little surprised that people approach delves in this way. I don’t really look at the multipliers at all; I look at the teams. If I am running an AoE deck like QB or tesla then I will leave the tidal room as late as I can, and the same goes for Bulette or Cedric to avoid reshuffle. Rewards for me are irrelevant; I just want the latest rendition of delve done and dusted ASAP, never to be repeated even when the 5th troop lands during deep delve. I will just open portals when it lands and ascend occasionally with an orb. I admire your dedication but my idea of a “perfelt delve” is the one that takes as little time as possible. The rewards don’t even register.

I wouldn’t have created this calculator if I wouldn’t be “in this way” :wink:

I just wanted to give me the opportunity to get everything be done perfectly. And I wanted to share it with the community.

Everyone has his own playtstyle. So it’s up to you to use it or not.

And besides I’m some kind of a perfectionist :stuck_out_tongue:


typical German :wink:


Kudos! I have my own full permutation delve tool I wrote some time back, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me to try putting it in Excel. Recursion in VBA… brrrr.

You could probably save some time by pre-computing valid paths for a given faction. Any 9-room faction has a full permutation set of 5,040 paths excluding start/end rooms, as you mentioned, but Obsidian Depths for example only has 10 valid path permutations. Granted, that won’t save you anything in a wide-open delve like City of Thieves, but most are more constrained than that.

Don’t you think I’m already aware of this and coded my OO Calc sheet in that way? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some factions like obsidian depths are probably not worth the effort, but for others it comes in handy :wink:

And saving time by “pre-computing valid paths for a given faction” is quiet complicate if you have no idea how it will look like in advance. Or do you want me to make a whole sheet for every single faction if it can be provided by one sheet?