Percent Chances

I have had alot odd things with the chances. Some matches if they have % chance to do something it won’t do it ever and sometimes it will do it everytime. I had one one match where a Cererbrus devoured a person summoned a Warg and then summoned another warg after killing the next person and one of the Wargs spawned a Wolf. I also had a friend who got their entire team assassinated by the 10% chance on skull damage to assassinate the last enemy, with 4 sets of skulls so that would have been a 0.10%, Possible but not likely.

ive seen things like that happen. Like TDS respawning 5-6 times. For me it feels like it either doesnt respawn at all, or does multiple times. Also i had Dracos destroy 3 troops in a row of mine today.

That darn TDS always re-spawns at least 3 times for me it’s my most maddening opponent I usually start the foul language as soon as I see it :smiling_imp:

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That is the nature of percentages and RNG, sometimes you get all the luck in the world, and other times Kerberos eats and eats and eats until he’s sick.


Never saw him reject what he eat :slight_smile:

I agree 100% Saltypatra but all I can say is with my share of the “bad luck” someone out there sure is having an easy time with Keberos and TDS :laughing:

Do you throw up all the food you like? :wink:


Nope but if i eat too much :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kerberos is a Demon… who says that when Demons are sick they get rid of it the way we humans do? :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly this if DS resurrects 1 time its does 4 to 6 times next. And the Demonic path always activates for the A.I, also i think it happens if your team has some sort of AOE.

I have often wondered if the RNG is skewed in favor of the AI (especially when doing kingdom story). I know for example that Kerberos wouldn’t be expected to eat every other casting of his spell, but it really feels insane sometimes how long the droughts will go, and how often the drought ends when it is inconsequential (ie the damage would end the battle anyway). Similarly, I get uncannily long droughts with Dimetraxia’s 75% chance to burn all enemies sometimes. On the other hand, the AI in kingdom stories seems to have incredibly good luck with death mark and other chance-based abilities. Obviously, I’ll never know, and perception is often not accurate, but holy cow it feels cheep sometimes.

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There is no difference in the AI for Kingdom quests, explore and low level PVP.

I can’t believe people believe that the will experience the stated % chance every time. :roll_eyes:

So that explains where the Wargs come from…

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