PC - Suspiciously Low Enemy Team Strength

PC, running under wine on debian stretch. If necessary, I can allocate a windows machine to confirm, but since it occurs repeatedly and doesn’t seem otherwise glitchy, it appears to be unlikely to be wine related.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I went to go PVP, and I encountered the following battle(s):

Character Vilma, Strength score 2,111.

Note, I’m not accusing that user of anything, their teams seem normal, just that 2,111 as a strength score does not match their team list.

Every time I exit out and go back into the PVP screen, it shows me the same user and a different team set, but the Strength score is the same, 2,111. If the strength score had changed, I would just have suspected that the user was busy changing teams while I was looking at it.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Once I battle, I’ll post up in-battle images, and if you want, I’ll message a copy of the battle history with that user.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

First Team:

Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-25-30
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-25-47
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-25-53
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-25-59
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-26-03

Second Team:

Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-31-43
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-31-47
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-31-52
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-31-56
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-32-00

Third Team:

Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-33-17
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-33-22
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-33-26
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-33-31
Screenshot from 2017-08-08 15-33-35

Edit: I’m aware my team isn’t Entangling Bones proper. I never bothered to change the name when I rebuilt the team.

I believe what’s happening is that the player in question has set a single troop as their defence team. When a player does that, their opponents get a random other team from their team list to face, but the team score is not updated or taken into account in the PVP matchmaking table.

This is a bug that has received many complaints and should be addressed in a future update. For now, the best thing is to do what you’ve been doing: scout your opponent and don’t rely on the team score.

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See this thread, was the beginning of many questionable changes to the game on PC…


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Even before the one-troop-defense “fix”, it was possible to see situations like that. There appears to be some delay involved, server-side, between when a player changes their team and when the score updates. I’ve seen things like the OP described, but then later the same team showed a more reasonable team score.


This is a bug from using only one troop on defend and then the team being automatically changed. The bugs running riot at the moment especially on PS4