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(PC) Skill / Ability Confirmation and Cancellation (with Voting Poll)

I have been meaning to make this post for quite some time. There is a similar post, but I have made a couple revisions to what appears to be a dead thread. I think that there should be a toggle-able option in the menus to have skill confirmation on or off. Normally, it is a fail-safe for newer players to prevent making a mistake on spell casts. However, more seasoned players are usually sure of the moves they are going to make (although, it still happens occasionally).

In addition to that, it would be nice if a cancellation feature was added for skills that manipulate the board (transforming skulls/orbs) or require selecting an opponent/ally.

Out of curiosity, I’d like to see how many agree with these ideas.

Would you like to see these changes imparted?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Don’t care.

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Right now you already bring the spell up with a button press, and then have to press again to cast it.

I think that serves the function of a failsafe well enough.

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um, alright…

If anything I could imagine a “back” button press at the moment where you’re required to select a target, because of this:

But even that’s development time not spent on something cool and new, so… shrug

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Not really. From personal experience when playing many games in a row I just autocast it and when I click wrong troop then I’m kinda screw.

It would be best if devs simply change order.
Now it’s: Select Spell -> Press Cast -> Select target
Change it to: Select Spell -> Select Target -> Press Cast

Shouldn’t be very hard or time consuming to implement and for sure it would be more user friendly.

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This would be nice.

Hmm… It appears I didn’t do my homework on this one. There have been many similar threads in the past for these, just never both in one.

Ah, well. I guess it isn’t going to happen. You can lock/delete the thread if you want. @Nimhain @Sirrian

If we debate something enough we end up getting our way but that is my own guess.