[PC/Mobile] Rising guild looking for active players of any level. Hit the beach today!

R’lyeh Surf Club has been around for about 9 months, we’ve risen to level 174, rank 866 and GW bracket 282. We can offer:-

  • Top tier guild chest access every Saturday, generally earlier.
  • We complete most common tasks each week
  • Guild events completed to at least mid-high tier
  • Rising swiftly through the ranks of Guild Wars
  • Chat/Mentoring/Beginners tips for anyone who wants them
  • We understand if real life intervenes every now and then

In return we’re looking for players who can offer the following:-

  • 1400 seals to be claimed before Saturday evening, just over 200 a day.
  • 125k gold contributed to tasks each week (Optional before level 250).
  • Participation in most events - you are not expected to spend gems on them unless you wish to.
  • A heads up if you are going to be offline for a while

If you’re interested feel free to check out our Discord server. There’s someone on most hours to help with questions, team advice and gameplay tips.

1 spot free as of 31-5-2020.