PC/Mobile question concerning the core of "Justice League" problem

TL;DR how is the customised defense ai suppose to work if it is not suppose to loop troops by choosing the righ color?

I think there is a clash of two core concepts happening with the justice league making the problem somewhat unsolvable until those two core concepts are being addressed :

  • Players are suppose to be able to customize their defense ai to be more effective
  • There is no limit to extra turns per a player round

i know you are getting skydrop cascades, but from what i seen thats not the main issue with justice, isnt it?
what i see is the gems spawned to loop at like 80-90% effectiveness ? the extra skydrop looks to me more like just a finishing blow to an already bad effect

so my question is, if defense team is not suppose to be able to loop like that - should player on offense be able to loop like that?

  • if player shouldnt then there is the problem about those specific cards, the turn limitation or the gem spawning algorhitm to be changed (all that was already discussed in countless topics)

  • but if only ai is not suppose to loop like that then what happens to the customisation of defense ai? being able to pick the “right color” (and the skull priority) is about the only change player can get into the defense ai by using that customisation prior to no custom ai at all - if the ai shouldnt pick the righ color then shouldnt this defense customisation feature be reduced to only “skull bar”?

im finding this concept and the fact nobody mentions its relation to the justice league very strange

There are actually two issues with the AI that contribute to the Justice League problem. The customization issue is part of it, but it is far less significant. That is, it can have a slight effect on the AI’s secondary choice of colour. The more serious issue is that the upgraded AI just makes better decisions. For example, when it has a choice of options, it will tend to only cast Mab when it will result in an extra turn, it won’t take a skull match if it has a spell available, it will tend to cast Valkyrie on a colour that has a high gem count, etc. All of these things together contribute to it being able to loop like a human player can.

The devs announced that the way they are going to unwind the problem on console is to revert the AI to the PC/Mobile version. So it sounds like we’ll be losing our customization options along with going back to the lobotomized AI.


I think you are misunderstanding what the devs have said here brudda… I dont think the sliders are going away but rather the console ai will be changed to match the behavior of the ai currently on pc but not mobile

I’m pretty sure on the last update that they said that all AI changes on PC were being delayed until mobile got Unity, so both PC and Mobile are playing on the same AI (the old one).

I guess they could still tack the sliders onto the existing AI, but it will be a lot less dynamic.

thats correct as far as i cvan tell, playing both

perhaps giving sliders top the “stupid ai” would be the compromise we are looking for
but im not sure… what if you just slide blue higher ? :thinking:

There, that’s better.

sure you can :wink:

im just genuinely wondering what is the wanted effect for how ai should play, and how it should play justice league :stuck_out_tongue: