PAXAUS Pass Giveaway


I don’t think Mrs Jainus would like me seeing the cute Aussie girls… or the kangaroos probably…


Thank you so much! :hugs:I’m actually more or less fine; I broke basically every bone and joint capsule there is in my left foot (and there’s a lot of bones in there) and am still not allowed to sit normal, but I have to keep propping my foot up at all times if possible and my little apartment sadly just doesn’t have enough space next to my computer to do that…hence, no computer time for me. I am just reading books and playing my 3DS games in bed right now. Will be back once my foot decides to finally heal. :slight_smile: Given that soon it’s NaNoWriMo, I sure as heck hope that means November, but who knows…

OMG this is amaaaaazing!:rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit: Finally more bunny troops! Love the art! I hope there will be a new bunny pet for the faction, too, then!:blush:


Its the 15th! Is that in American time or is the draw in 28mins?


It was drawn! I used a random number generator, in true Gems of War fashion. The winners have been contacted, and already had their full names passed on to PAX.