Pause menu dont show bonus mana from talent or traits

**Platform, device version and operating system:**Steam or Mobile

Screenshot or image:

Ally team has
3 troops that share Stone Link (+1 Brown Match)
Corsair hero which have Trait High Seas and Water Talent Water Mastery (Bonus Blue on Blue Match)
Enemy team has 4 troops that share Magic Link (+1 Purple match)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
After 7.0 update pause menu changed and we have 3 separate page that show less information than before. We can’t see bonus mana from talent or traits but SHOW only the banner used.

I think is a big step back gameplay for everyone

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Pause menu on every battle mode (exclude treasure maps). After 7.0 update

Steps to make it happen again
Start a fight and click ESC or pause menu, browse and read through the UI


Bump! This information was very useful.

Passed this on to the team to look at implementing into a future update!


Please make it abundantly clear that this is essential information. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


And you could also be a real sport and ask the team why this useful information was removed in the first place?!
We were able to see it before 7.1, as other players have remarked.


I haven’t had a chance to ask for the specifics but looking at the previous pause screen, I’ve passed on some specific feedback about how these bonuses could be added underneath the new pause screen on the same mana surge slide - or under the banner.



The new version is so bad that I’d rather not use it at all. :thinking:


There’s no need to include the banner at all.
Even in your own screenshot, it shows that both teams have hidden bonus mana from any source(s).

If you incline on keeping a flip book as the new pause menu, just revert the new banner page with the old mana surge chance/bonus mana layout.


This is the perfect page to keep. Please don’t change it. I don’t think any devs actually play this game.


Appreciate it! Something a lot of us are wondering is why the pause screen was changed - the old one showed more information in less “pages” of screens and was simple to understand. Now we have to flip through “pages” to see all the relevant information :confused:

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Also please, make the “banner” (mana bonus) page the default.

How often do you think we need to check our mana surge chances? They’re capped at 65% for one, and also that doesn’t influence which mana colors we select.

We won’t take red even if it has the highest percentage if we don’t need red.


And use the word “regression” if you can. While it’s not a huge deal (traits/talents still flash when triggered), it’s still a reduction of information compared to the previous version(s).

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Version 7.2.0r54037 from today but nothing has changed.
Still no mana bonuses show on pause menu…

all of them has got Fire Link.
Pause menu show only +2 RED from banners.

other panel, mana surge chances and resources gained which are less important than mana bonus stats
How can manage and plan a good battle strategy if I dont know the mana bonus from my and enemy team ?

I repeat myself but i say, this is a huge stepback from not one but 2 release version of the game. In 1 and half a month.


Secret reply hidden in a locked thread, but positive news at least.


Fun fact: you CAN quote directly from locked threads if you need to:


Any update about it ?

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Is there any updates about this core aspect of the game ?


Looks like this was ninja-fixed, presumably in 8.0.

CX Team, you really should give things like this more fanfare, any quality-of-life improvements will earn you some love. [correction: was fixed in 7.5 and included in the release notes, see gow’s post below. Thank you, gow.]

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This was fixed in 7.5 and it was mentioned in the patch notes