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Path of Glory II people, Both sets of Arcane Stoic?

I just want to make sure I’m the only one loosing to the RND of the first two bundles of Arcane Stones in the pack.

Both were 6x Arcane Stoic. So 12 more Arcane Stoic, blah.

So anyone else that purchased the Path of Glory II, did you get other Arcanes?


So it’s not just me!!! I just posted in another thread my day 4 results. Nothing but Stoic for me too.

I know we just have two sets of data points right now but I truly wonder if the Path to Glory II bundle is bugged.

At least you can get even more Stoic this coming event… :open_mouth:

That should be giving 6 arcanes - 1 of each type for blue… NOT all stoics.
I’ll correct that tonight, and make sure anybody with a PtG2 pack gets the correct NON-stoics blues in a mail on Monday!


Wow that was a quick response! Thanks for confirming and fixing, you guys are the best!!


The service is a big part of why I try to buy something with every patch. Just treat it like a new game purchase every few months.

Though 12 stoics did cause me enough frustration to question it. I mean, double set of Stoic would probably be around 1:36 odds, so not rare, but annoying.

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Anyone else get 5 more Arcane Stoics this morning?!

That’s 17 I’ve got so far now from this Path of Glory Pack…

@Sirrian is that just really bad luck or does it need fixing going forward as well? (Not clear from the day 5 image if it’s meant to be Stoics or random blues again today)

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No - not bad luck - it’s a bug.
I tried to fix it yesterday, but that particular piece of server code is something I’m unfamiliar with, so I’ve decided to leave the fix until our tech lead gets into work tomorrow… we’ll compensate everyone who has Path to Glory II with an ingame mail containing 17 extra random Blue Arcanes (NONE of which will be Stoics!!!)


Thanks Sirrian, great service as always :slight_smile:

Received 2* 6 stoic traitstones too :dizzy_face:
Thanks Sirrian for this answer!

@Sirrian I know that you explained yesterday that the correct method for the 6 Arcane days is supposed to be one of each color with the color of the week (i.e. Bl/Bl, Bl/Y, Bl/R, Bl/Br, Bl/G, Bl/P). What is the Arcane breakdown for the 57 Traitstone days? We now know it’s 40 minor, 12 Runic, 5 Arcanes. What is the color selection of those 5 Arcanes, fixed or random on those days?
Glad to see the issue is being worked on. :slight_smile:

Okay - you should receive your compensation next time you log in.

On Day 5, you’re actually going to get one of everything… we’re actually giving x58 stones, not x57 (the text is incorrect).


Just got my “Oops We Messed Up!” Compensation in the mail so we’re all good now :smile:

As did I. Very prompt service. Thank you. Also: [quote=“Sirrian, post:13, topic:16789”]

On Day 5, you’re actually going to get one of everything… we’re actually giving x58 stones, not x57 (the text is incorrect).
Wheee! 〈( ^.^)ノ