Patch 6.5 Poll

Which effect do you believe Patch 6.5 has caused in terms of retention?

  • More Players have started playing or kept playing because of 6.5
  • More Players have quit the game citing 6.5
  • Players who continue to play have an above average amount of patience
  • Players are unaffected by the patch

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We lost 3 players the other week.

There was a patch?

Ive def noticed a slight down tick on my channel n posted a similar poll in my community tab. People mad about extra frosting imo. Straw that broke the camels back in many cases tho

And it aint just me i get the most views per month of any channel and have looked at the others who are down too

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I can see your point. However, if the frosting is all RNG based and is clearly marketed for those who have gems compared to those who have not. Then the extra frosting hurts the game more than helps it. Since people play video games to feel good and to not feel bad. And in this case, players can’t “git good”. Instead it’s either get lucky or rich enough to waste money on a free video game.


Just had a really solid player leave this morning after being fed-up with the game. They were in the 1400s level-wise and just had enough. There have been a few of those in our guild over the last few weeks.

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