Pan's Vale Epic Trial [Switch]

Pans Vale Epic Trial.

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Pc/mobile had the Pan’s Vale epic Trials near the beginning of the trials update. Its not impossible but it is hard

We had the same setup. Steal all attack then spam Caprinicus

This is how, @Draegor :

Team order: Satyr, Sileni Guard, Caprinicus, Warden

Strategy: DON’T TRY SKULLING ENEMIES RIGHT AWAY - keep Sylvasi alive, just strip it off attack and keep it at 0, casting Sileni (when you need to barrier back) or Warden (when you are still barriered) whenever Sylvasi recovers any attack. Focus on Faunessa, cast Caprinicus on her repeatedly, over and over, until she’s dead and your Caprinicus is nice, fat, and deals a lot of damage. Barrier with Sileni as neded. And, most importantly: as Sylvasi should have 0 attack at all times, LEAVE THE SKULLS (use match-4s and doomskulls, but leave simple match-3 skulls for the enemy) - he won’t hurt you, he won’t remove barrier from Satyr (unless it’s a doomskull or you miss Sylvasi recovering that attack points).
Beware: battles are long (over 30 minutes for the last epic trial, as far as I can remember)
Use 3x Orpheus medals.


I did it but is very hard over 1.5 hours for one battle level 225!!! :sweat_smile:

Try doing epic trials with Dragotaur bumping the entire team’s Attack and Armor over 400 in 1 cast before it starts to loop itself thorugh some odd mechanic…

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Another tactic you an try is putting Satyr in first position – their Stealthy trait protects them from both Sylvasi and Faunessa.

Invariably, every Troop (except Satyr) will get reduced to 0 Attack, and victory depends on (1) eliminating Faunessa, and (2) keeping active Barriers on your party (Elwyn is technically Mana Locked, but still).