Pan's lute last upgrade is a BIG nerf

Muting the first opponent is the worst thing you could ever wish when running this weapon.

It enables the second and the third ennemy to get colors, which were previously gated by the first.

Are you serious?


Yes? When you get at 80+ levels, that’s a big problem, since your units usually die after two spells.

Their question isn’t explained well, it’s based on two things:

  1. Pan’s Lute is not a very powerful weapon. In general it isn’t expected to take you to super high levels.
  2. You’re only talking about one scenario where it’s bad. Muting an opponent is sometimes the worst thing. But compare “Oh no troop #2 will get mana now” to “Ugh Rope Dart in slot 1 is going to start a loop that kills me if I let it cast.” Now it’s the best thing.

(2) synergizes with (1). Great weapons are good to cast in all scenarios. Weak weapons have more scenarios where they don’t perform.


Going by that logic, wouldn’t a weapon instantly killing the first opponent also be incredibly bad? Because it enables the second and the third enemy to get colors which were previously gated by the first?


I should have said that I was running Tuliao with Pan’s lute. Without her, this weapon would be garbage, as opposite to sleeper op. And indeed, the mute would be good if you couldn’t cycle fast.

The thing is that with Tuliao, you can cast Pan’s lute every 4 turns, and most of the time, it’ll even be on hold. The mute is not useful since you can cast Pan’s lute whenever the first unit becomes stacked. There are a few exceptions (mana emptying resistance, finishing,…) but most of the time the mute will constrain you in your plays.

My best team has Pan’s lute so I’m sad.

Silencing isn’t usually a bad thing but in your case it’s not working in your favour. Take this as a valuable lesson; check what active abilities you are adding to the weapon before you upgrade it. If you had only boosted it to +8 you would be happier it seems. Not all weapon perks are necessarily beneficial and doom weapons that generate skulks are notorious in this regard. Always check what you are perking before you spend ingots particularly when you are a new player with limited resources. Soon pans lute will be a weapon of the past for you. When you win 250 fights with a class, you unlock the class weapon and some of those weapons are essential (plaguelord = essence of evil, thief = skeleton key). Plus you don’t even need the hero in your team for the win to count as long as you’ve got the class selected for the team. Other fine weapons like mang are unlocked when your gem mastery reaches a certain level. So my advice would be to grind the best class weapons and dabble with line ups as your troop collection increases. There’s also orpheus lute from the excellent bard class if you fancy a better musically themed weapon.


I knew it was a bad idea, I just said whatever at a time was braindead.

Also, I’m a level 317 player with 6 class weapons, and Pan’s lute isn’t bad by any stretch. Mine cancels two ennemy slots for free, and it makes me able to win against any team, no matter their level. What better weapon could I use with Tuliao as a mana generator? I tried Summer’s wonder but this weapon is only good to clean 30- level ennemies in one or two swoops. Spider’s totem is good but not really, and I prefer keeping the magic boost because it synergizes well with my units.

It’s tough to give suggestions without knowing what troops and weapons you have. I am assuming your team is yellow but have no idea what troops are your damage dealers. Bard class is great with yellow because all yellow troops gain 1 to all stats every turn and at level 20 the hero starts with half mana. Pans lute and tuliao mana block each other so orpheus lute would open up green mana for tuliao. It’s also 5 mana cheaper than pans lute so with 50% start and a yellow biased banner it would be ready to cast after a single yellow 3 match. It would then enchant tuliao and your other 2 troops so you potentially have a constant enchant cycle between the 2 of them. It also gives 1 mana to all and barriers itself. If you still want to mana drain the enemy then cockatrice would do that job easily and protect your team from skulls but only leave room for one dedicated damage troop. It really depends on who your damage dealers are in your current team.

The new epic weapon Scythie McSytheface might suit you. 12 mana cost (yellow); explodes 4 gems of your choice (generates mana) and dishes out 25 damage to all enemies. If you can max upgrade it it will also steal life and mana from enemy top troop and reduce its magic.

So you can understand

The only thing I could change is the weapon.