Overzelaz ps4 Looking for top 10 clan

Hello I recently started playing about 3 weeks ago and im alredy lvl 48 with 3 legendary’s 80+ troops and am very active. I’m looking to join a top clan cuz the one im currently in has about 18 ppl in it and ive done the most in everything past 2 weeks and still sit at impish minion. I want to join a clan that ranks people based on how much they contribute, so I feel like i’m earning something.

My invite code is OVERZELAZ all caps. Also if anyone knows how to fix the glitch [TaskPathcLinear7] please notify me it’s been my 4th task now for about a week and its tilting me since i hard grind tasks.

Not a very high guild but slowly getting up there so far got 3 activity players and we are slowly going on up. And that task is glitch unfortunately your going to have to wait for it to leave. My guild is looking for activity players if you want to join let me know. My guild is called America strong. I am level 61 with 5 legendary.