Overall PvP thoughts and potential changes (Long)

Since Monday is when most people do the grind to Tier 1, they have to endure the bull of PvP. Now, this is going to be long so you have been warned.

Hero, weapons and classes

Hero is a major problem in PvP. Due to their scaling, a level 2000 Hero is immediately stronger than a level 1000 Hero and due to this, it is already an unfair advantage in comparison to any other troop in the game and that isn’t even talking about the weapons…

Weapons have many features and some upgrades make them significantly stronger than without them but some are just BS. Jar of Eyes being very problematic with stealthy making it near impossible to kill without any external spells (Weaver, Uba). Divine Protector for obvious reasons. Dawnbringer for not only AOE damage but also barrier on everyone. Hope’s Cresent is basically an instant kill move…

Classes… just… so sick and tired of running into Frostmage or the Titan. Seriously, brown granting barrier is just so stupid beyond belief. Imagine if a mythic had invulnerable, enchant on green and all allies barrier on brown? Absolutely stupid. Now, how many people do you see in PvP running with Knight or Warden or even Oracle? What’s that? Nearly never? Thought so…

Potential fixes

There are counters to this. First off, the heroes stats should not exceed a certain point which I would say is 20. Harsh? Maybe but considering the current situation, it needs to be brutal. This way, the hero won’t eventually get to the point of double the stats on mythics.

For weapons, upgrades shouldn’t be allowed in PvP which makes the hero even weaker and while the magic stat might still be high (I’ll get to that later), it won’t be as threatening compared to now.

As for classes, the simple idea is to ban ALL class trees from PvP so you don’t have hero with stealthy or 30% skull dodge or that stupid barrier on brown crap! Seriously makes PvP more hell than it’s worth.


Troops on the other hand aren’t safe either. I’m looking at mainly the empowered troops but others will be here. Now, the issue I mentioned with Weapons will be explained here. I don’t think Kingdom Power stats or Faction stats should be counted in PvP. That way there is a major 50 drop in durability alone (Health and shield) which would make battles less time consuming and more manageable.

Empowered troops have a simple solution. For PvP, make it 50% or even 0% while it’s PvE counterpart starts ready. This way, even if you get the worst board for you but for the enemies Tai’Pan, Mercy or even Fire Bombs? Oh yeah… not fun getting slaughtered turn one by Tai’Pan into Queen Titania into Yao Guai twice for a clean sweep

Some traits also need nerfs. Megavore should only be able to trigger Death Below once in PvP before it gets permanently locked off. Scorpius, Bard (Hero) and Anu shouldn’t be allowed in one party together in PvP. Synergy might be bad but getting +2/+3 each turn easily escalates into an unwinnable situation. Only one should be allowed at a time in PvP.

Strong abilities need one cast only like Great Maw (Who should keep that effect in PvP but not PvE). Scorpius, Ubastet, Weaver and the goblin mythic spring to mind on who should be restricted on this front (Maybe Draakulis too) since the four of them all instantly kill and while there may be counters, it still doesn’t stop them.

Finally, transformation in general. It should not be allowed or hard nerfed. Dragon’s Eye is the worst offender for this and needs One cast only treatment for PvP. The main advantage though is that, most transformation troops are weak and not ideal in PvP so you rarely see them but that’s beside the point without any real counters against the effect (As well as instant death but nothing is guaranteed instant kill outside of Zuul).

TLDR: Hero set to 20, Class Tree Traits blocked, weapon upgrades blocked, empowered troops not 100% active, no kingdom or faction bonus applied and certain abilities and traits are one time only.