Overall guild contribution stats



Currently, if I have to move someone out of a guild temporarily, when they return, all their guild contribution stats are gone. Surely this information is stored somewhere. Could these gold/seals/trophies be preserved so that it displays when a player comes back to the same guild?


Guild contributions such as Gold, Seals, Sentinels and Live Event rewards are intended for the Guild you earned them in, to form a community, habit building, and assistance with that group of players.

The game design at the moment is intended to discourage heavy movement between Guilds by losing these if you leave.


Hi @Cyrup,

Our guild has several sister guilds with members that will move between them. It’s still the same core group of players.

I am not seeing how preserving the contributions to each guild would hurt, or how it would encourage breaking commitments. Those things will happen or not happen whether that data is displayed or not.

I would kindly ask this to be reconsidered. Thanks.