Overall guild contribution stats


Currently, if I have to move someone out of a guild temporarily, when they return, all their guild contribution stats are gone. Surely this information is stored somewhere. Could these gold/seals/trophies be preserved so that it displays when a player comes back to the same guild?


Guild contributions such as Gold, Seals, Sentinels and Live Event rewards are intended for the Guild you earned them in, to form a community, habit building, and assistance with that group of players.

The game design at the moment is intended to discourage heavy movement between Guilds by losing these if you leave.

Hi @Cyrup,

Our guild has several sister guilds with members that will move between them. It’s still the same core group of players.

I am not seeing how preserving the contributions to each guild would hurt, or how it would encourage breaking commitments. Those things will happen or not happen whether that data is displayed or not.

I would kindly ask this to be reconsidered. Thanks.


You’re living in the past. It’s great to be in one active guild for years. But not that realistic anymore. Either people step in and out of guilds pending activity. Or… They burn out and quit the game completely. Those that stay in one guild are more rare than common.
For the future of the game. It would be better for stats to stay with folks between guilds. Non-repeating guild tasks and seals that don’t transfer are disincentive enough to avoid movement. Those that guild hop like it’s a sport will still continue to do so no matter what.


im sorry Cyrup, but i think your comment has negative implications for the game community. the state of the game now are not groups of 30 players in a single guild but groups of 100s of players in a group of guilds. this topic does mostly effect guild alliances that i think are becoming the majority of the guild community. many players are tied down in guilds and are unwilling to leave to be with friends and help them out even for a temporary basis because those stats will disappear. this prevents players from moving up or down in a guild activity/skill chain to better suit there play style so they can have more fun! even to the point where you burn bridges by leaving a guild because it is extremely unlikely that you will return and start your stats up again or likely just lose interest in the game entirely because you have to put in possibly years again to rebuild those stats.

However, yes there should be something discouraging players from guild hopping all the time. but inside a guild alliance this is ok…even encouraged.

#1 save guild stats per guild a player has been in. so that those stats can return when they rejoin a guild
#2 register guilds as part of an alliance so that all stats from those guilds go into the same counter.
#3 track the grand total of a players stats from all guilds so that it is easier to track there past activity


I know I’m in the minority, but I don’t think hopping guilds should be as easy as it is. There needs to be some restrictions on leaving guilds

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There has to be a way to give someone a badge, for example, for donating a set amount of gold. If someone says “I donate 10 million gold a week to my guild and have done so for the last 10 weeks!” As it stands right now you have no way to confirm or deny the claim.
What if players got a badge of some kind for donating X amount of gold? Then when they claim to have donated X amount of gold they could say see my badge, I got proof.
Of course this is just talking about gold. Could have badges for seals earned and many other things.


you are thinking of the case where a player just leaves and does not plan to return. This feature would be more focused at players planning to return. and i think your guild is only 1, not part of a larger alliance, so i can see how this would have no benefit for you :slight_smile:

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this is a good alternative. personally i prefer exact values, but this method could serve the same purpose depending on how it was implemented.