Out of synch after treasure hunt

There’s a bug that I get hit with about once a week related to starting the game and choosing treasure hunt. (Yeah, you’d think I’d have learned by now.)

If I do this without first collecting any waiting treasure from the hourly tribute, I get a message at the end of the hunt, telling me my game is out of synch with the server and must restart. Anything I earned during the treasure hunt is lost. It also happens if the tribute ready time collides with me entering a treasure hunt.

I find this very easy to reproduce but I’m surprised not to see any other mention of it. Is the treasure hunt that universally disliked?


Nothing happened for me, though (PC/Steam) - opened the game when tribute was ready, didn’t collect it, played treasure hunt, got all the rewards and no error messages.

The main reason nobody else is reporting this (apart from the fact that majority of vocal players consider treasure hunt to be a waste of their effort) is that you don’t leave tribute uncollected. One collects tribute and then plays the game…since tributes are substantial means of income and next tribute doesn’t start countdown until the existing one hasn’t been collected.

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I have encountered this bug as well but it’s extremely uncommonly.

I had the same error, but only once so far. There must be some bug. Had exactly the same problem as OP described.

It’s possible this is specific to iOS. It’s also possible it’s related to an app being in the background instead of completely terminated.

However, there’s a problem with your “just collect the tribute” approach to ignoring the underlying bug. If the app is just in the background, there’s a delay between activating it and it telling you that tribute rewards are available. Without any indication that any action is required, it’s reasonable to go ahead with planned game play.

No, it’s not specific. It happened once to me as well, on PC.
Maybe I had a tribute active or it just appeared in the background. I don’t recall the details.

How do I hate thee, let me count the ways:

Couldn’t you at least give me the restart error at the beginning?!?

Are you logged in on some other device where someone could’ve accidentally activated the game?
It happened to me couple of times when I was waiting for a pet to expire on pc to activate new pet rescue, but I get tribute notification on my phone and turn on the game to claim it. Then my game on pc goes out of sync.

No, I play on the iPad only. The problem that I’m seeing is very specific to going into treasure hunt when there is a pending tribute that I haven’t yet been notified about.

This is known in software development as a race condition. You’re not supposed to create them. :slight_smile:

Just got hit with this again. This time I realized that losing rewards does happen more often when you’ve had a good game because those last longer. That gives more time for the next tribute cycle to end before you’ve finished the treasure hunt.