Our Heroes and pets need to have jewelry to wear

Rings, ear rings, necklaces, just something that could match our heros. All kinds of jewelry options maybe even a jeweled staff to carry around or have our pets wear jewelry.

There are currently 205 different pets, with about 20-30 new ones being introduced every year (likely more due to Reborn events). Each of those would require additional custom graphics for each item, as, unlike heroes, they do not have a few standard shapes, that allow to add a layer to each.
This is going to cost a lot. And you can bet, they will aim to bring home the expenses multiple times. Even if it stays just a cosmetic feature, you can expect to pay 50 Dollar upwards to activate it on all your pets. Or how about 5 Dollar to receive an item for one random pet (that you won’t know in advance)? You’ll certainly not be allowed to just pick one yourself.
They could of course go the nasty way and link ingame advantages to it. Maybe even something guild-related to build peer pressure. Now, add a set bonus to the stuff, I said above. Maybe they’ll even be “nice” in this case and give you a tiny chance to find such an item in epic vaults and VIP chests. Or let you create random ones in the soulforge, 20 medals of Nysha per piece.

I lost all trust in development to handle new features well.

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NO! :rage: (bruh I hate the 10 word minimum)