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Orions first trait?

I might be mistaken, but today when I checked Orion first trait it says that his first trait is “Siege- Allies get 2 attack when invading”. But on a 2nd thought I think I have seen him with the Leader trait that gives 3 to all skills if in first position. Correct me if I am wrong. Cheers!

In Orion’s wiki page (created and last updated on February 12) his first trait is said to be Siege, or are you talking about something older than that?

I might be mistaken, but after christmas I think I saw him with Leader trait…

Orion always had siege trait. I know back during the first day of all the traits I checked all of the true shot troops to see who was the most powerful overall, which were hilariously Centaur and Glade Warden. I did suggest a long while back that Orion would gain 2 to all stats when he casts his spell. This was even prior to him having any bonus when all it did was 3-X damage. But no, he never had leader nor any kind of effect that would raise all stats.

Thanks for the clarification. Totally agree that his skill is nothing to talk about…