Orion - too randomized

I am very new in this game and took my chance in training Orion before even reading in the forums. He was my very first Legendary I picked. My mistake I agree, but too late to get back those souls now. As I read after was that Orion had a little fix where he got an addition 2 magic to his magic starting skill. So his total magic skill is now 5. After played tons of games I ask myself why he is a Legendary. I am fully aware that he is a random character, but for me he seems too random even at level 15.
I have lost tons of battles because his low hits, and as far as I have experienced it got even worse after the last update for PS4 was launched. Does a lot of 3-4 damage even with over 15 magic. Maybe it’s just my bad luck luck, or maybe other have something to add as well.

My sugguestion would had been to lift his minimum attack to 7. So starting attack to 7-14 at start(not 3/14).

Thank you for reading this. And of course, thank you for a great game!

I’ve posted this into the pc forum category (should get more answers here, even though you’re on console, your question is pretty universal).

Yes Orion is pretty unreliable. He has decent stats, mind and there’s less competition for the green mana slot than say red or purple. He does apply hunter’s mark too - combos well with making yourself some skulls, and also with exploders (skulls hit by the explosions get doubled too). After a cast or two you could luck out and hit for 28 damage in one shot… Or get 4 damage instead and get battered… Good ol’ rng…

Sadly Orion is one of the least loved legendaries…

Possible fix to Orion: his power does double damage to those afflicted with hunters mark.

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Thanks for replying. And the change of direction.

But can you refill him fast enough to get the benefit before it wears off in 4 turns ish…?

The isue with him is that while his magic grows his minimum damage doesn’t. And though he should be doing statisticly more damage(and by this I mean average damage going up) with every increase he can still do only 3 damage even with magic at 100 or higher. Why he is a legendary is his damage potential. With proper sources to fill his mana such as alchemist, goblin shaman etc. his ability can be cast almost every other turn, and he can very fast get to a point where he can one hit anyone. He can still miss (doing low amount of damage) but there is no other troop in game that has higher focused damage.

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Thanks for information. That a thing I didnt know. Also I am pretty happy with my team, except Orion. Just dont want to train up another character just for the hunters mark and he taking over one of them I already have. Also takes a ton of souls to do so. I still think Orion should be fixed tho. 7-14 is not a lot to ask for since hes a legendary.

Hey @eika86,

I’ve been playing this game since it was released in Canada and I eventually became the first topped player (i.e. lvl 1000).

Orion used to be a lot less powerful… He got boosted twice!
Originally, he would only do random damaged between 3 and ~13 (at level 10).
He then got his magic boost after each attack and later got a second boost with his hunter’s mark.

Orion his one of my favorite legendary, he’s part of my “classic” line-up.
He’s strength resides in the fact that he has an aimed attack that fills fast (for a legendary).
He’s there to destroy that pesky unit that’s hidden in third position.

Of course, my line-up is an all legendary one, but I’m sure that you can find him friends…

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Yeah, would be happy with any fix to him, as he seems very dull now. Raise its minimum damage with every 5+ magic gained would be good.

I tend to agree Orion isn’t very useful. Sure, he CAN hit for massive damage, but it seems to me that the troops that do random damage (Beserker’s another one) do low damage WAY more often than they do high damage, and because the minimum never goes up, you’re banking on getting at least one lucky hit before that troop ends up dead (don’t put them in the first slot!). I use Orion in one team, and only because he’s the third Divinion Field troop to give me a good kingdom bonus.

Orion was my second legendary, (first was carved, yay!) I really wanted to like him. I leveled him up (max level was 10 those long ago days.) He was a major let down for a long long time. Then I got my third legendary! Another Orion.

To be fair, statistically his damage should even out as higher than lower, I have had LOTS of matches where he has OWNED the opposing team. Try to remember the times he was your win condition. I bet recall bias might have a lot to do with how poor you think he is. The post I’m lining to has great info on recall bias.

Thanks for all the replies ladies and gentlemen. Sorry if I don’t reply everyone, since this is taking off really fast wow. What a great forum.

Some kind of a solution may be that both his minimum and maximum damage scale with his magic. For example his minimum could be half of his magic, and maximum double his magic. With 4 magic at start he would be having potential damage from 2-8. After a first cast and gaining 5 magic his next ability with him having 7 magic could do between 3-14. Etc. His minimum still wouldn’t climb dramatically while it would provide a better feel of increase in power.

It would be simpler just to decrease the + magic bonus.

Hey, nice to get a reply from a Legendary.
Don’t think I will use Orion anymore to be honest.
Thanks for the info.

The thing is that I am a very new player and have meet some Legendaries that makes Orion look like a baby. And even if there has been changes to him, I could easily had believed that there havent been one or two fixes to him, beforehand

Maybe a little off topic, is Abhorath any good?

There have been 2 fixes to Orion, just not in the direction anyone wanted to see. His ability is even worse now in the advent of all these team bonuses increasing life the way they have.

I don’t particularly like Abhorath. Again, too luck-dependent. He clears all the gems from the board, and what falls into place after CAN get skull matches and 4/5 matches, but there’s no guarantee so the only real benefit is the attack boost he gives himself. He’s one of the few legendaries I haven’t even bothered to level.

Yeah, as I said above. For a new player it might as well look like he didnt had any fixes.

Thanks for reply.

So I buyed some keys, the good ones. Not just some, but 140.

Got 4 legendaries, one Abhorath, one Goblin shaman and two Orions.
Wanted to hit my hand so hard in the wall that it broke that day. lol