Orbs of chaos obtained in guild events not RNG based

me and my roommate are both avid GoW players and are in the same guild and got the major orb of chaos reward from the last guild event so we decided to try something i went and claimed first and got an orb of clans then he went and also got an orb of clans leading me to believe only the first orb is RNG based and once revealed it’s the same for all other clan members i ask others in guilds to try this to confirm my theory

I used to believe that clicking on the orb after it pulsed three times increased my chance of getting a blue one. And then after using all my clan orbs, I got a chaos orb with a “new” banner across it, because rng had already decided it was a clan orb. A short time later, I got a major orb with “new” banner, and sure enough, it was a major clan orb. The next 2 orbs (1 major, 1 minor) I clicked right away, as I now knew they were pre-determined by Rngesus. Both were Growth. I reverted to clicking them on their 3rd pulse. I prefer to think my fate is in no one else’s hands other than my own.

tl:dr, Our guild gets different orbs all the time from the same reward.

I can definitely debunk that theory. Our guild is all over the place with who gets what orbs with each event. RNG just happened to hand you both the same orb which really isn’t all that unlikely with only 4 possible orbs to get.


They’re definitely RNG based, it’s just that RNG is never in our favor.

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thankyou it just seemed weird that both me and my roommate got the same orb and it not being an orb of growth so I had a good reason for it only being RNG based for the first one since RNG never seems to favor us in GoW it’s good to know it’s not happening to everyone