Orb of Vulpacea £9.99 and Vulpine Protector £49.99 (New Weapons)

Orb of Vulpacea - New kingdom weapon

Is paying £9.99 at the front of the new kingdom quest the only way to currently (within weeks) get this weapon ?

If so a slap in the face for end gamers for whom the souls, ingots etc included in the package to justify the price are useless - some dragonite might have been useful.

The Kingdom Weapon Packs are designed for new players not endgamers.

All the Kingdom Weapons can be crafted in the Soulforge. As Vulpacea is a new Kingdom its Weapons will be in the Soulforge later on.

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Exactly. Can you tell me the time scale for “later on” ?
Days, weeks, months ?

Next time Vulpacea is the weekly event Kingdom.
I would say at least 2 months.

So this pack is for newer players and completionists who don’t want to wait to craft it for free.

It’s not designed to be a meta Weapon so if you aren’t interested in the pack you should be unhindered by waiting.

As an 8 year veteran being a “completionist” has been latterly the main reason for playing and striving to own all of the troops and weapons in this game.

However, since I am still waiting for a chance to own 2 remaining dungeon dragons and 3 dungeon weapons after over 6 months of daily dragonite purchases (27 eggs in and still waiting for the last egg) the shine has definitely worn off for me.

In the past I had not been averse to purchasing a weapon for £4.99 but not having the opportunity to purchase this as a stand alone and hiding behind “this is just for new players” excuse for double the price is extremely disingenuous in my opinion.

I strongly suspect that I am not going to make it to 9 year veteran


ah right, was just thinking about the free path to getting one, not more ways to buy it.

I think these Weapons are available in the $4.99 Weekly Weapon flash offers as well so that might be a faster route if you’ve almost completed your weapon collection - I’m just confirming with the team to be sure as I haven’t thought about it for awhile and want to give you the correct answer.

Thank you for your consideration Kafka

I have been trying to track down the new weapon VULPINE PROTECTOR and it seems the only way to get this weapon is to pay £49.99

So when might this one be available ?

This looks like something that should’ve been on paid kingdom pass (like Tide’s Lash for Nexus and Ruby Biter for Hellcrag) but I didn’t notice it on paid pass rewards.

An explanation would be most welcome.

It looks like players are supposed to get it when reaching 50 gem mastery in Water and Nature. Maybe it shows up as part of the next level up for players who are already past that point? :thinking:

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I coincidentally reached a new level today - the weapon remains unowned.


Found that there’s a weapon called Foxglove on paid pass, so this is not the supposed avenue for us to obtain Vulpine Protector. Interesting.


Ah, yes, I’ve been trying to track down Vulpine Protector, since we get new kingdoms rarely.

I know the epic (Orb of Vulpacea) will show up in flash offers but I cannot remember where this last legendary comes from. I think Fourdottwoone might be right but it’s probably bugged.

It would really help us out if the new kingdom posts would list everything that’s new and the source of it. :wink:


Okay, a guildmate got the weapon after reaching a new level.
If it still remains locked when I level up next, I’ll just file a support ticket.

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Oh, right. That’s when it does the mastery check! Thanks for letting us know!

I just level up but no weapon too. Does your guid mate has proof?

Might wanna look at the relevant colours to increase the respective mastery and then trigger the corresponding IF clause
:thinking: :vulcan_salute:

Well, my level is 1k+, it way above required masteries.

I meant that maybe it’s programmed to only check if during your level up you select Green or Blue as mastery, given the weapon’s colours
:blush: :vulcan_salute:

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If only there were people who could let us know for sure. Like some kind of customer relations person or community manager or something like that.


After more poking - things got lost in translation, unfortunately.
What they meant was they would get the weapon on level up, not that they got it already.

So we’re back to square one - it’s on the unowned list.