Orb of ascension drop rate

Grinded all vault event, almost 200 vault keys and epic vault keys and this is the drop rate it gave me once I had burnt through all the keys.

Was one Orb of Power short of Zuul Goth, so am rather annoyed.

After putting up with server issues last 3 days spiced in with various flash offers trying to part me from my money I now spent the best part of an hour running through all these keys just to find that the 2 orbs of ascension or 2 major orbs of ascencion I needed for the 8th orb of power were nowhere to be seen, cause reasons.

So now its the choice of not spending time with family over Christmas next week and instead playing the vault event or just giving up cause clearly I have not spent nearly enough money to satisfy.

Frankly I wish now I had not even spent a single cent!



I opened over 300 VK a few weeks ago and could notice the same, the drop rate was horrible when it came to getting the Ascension orb, something I have never experienced before.

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Maybe the creators hate their families so figure we all are the same and would rather play Gems over Christmas heh.

Figure they put it over Christmas to give their servers a break, if the last 3 days were any indication they clearly do need it lol.

Just be prepared for a reply that is going like this: The ascension orb chance have not been touched etc.

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Frankly I am expecting a Flash Offer over the weekend inviting me to pay real cash for either 1 orb of power or several blue orbs.

Would not put it past them.

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Honestly it’s just rng. I’ve been pulling them at a pretty good rate but don’t even have anything to spend them on right now.

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I guess we will see if some “clearly coincidental” flash offer appears over the weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

Was planning to pay gems to get the soul forge to 20 for the last Orb of Power so in a weird way it has cost both the game team and myself in different ways since there is no reason to spend real money if I would only have 7 power orbs.

You get a major orb of ascension for getting soul forge to level 18 if you have enough gems/cursed runes to do that. Then you can craft the last orb of power you need.

A couple of days ago I used the four EVKs I got from a GAP and in one Epic Vault battle I got two Major Orbs of Chaos that turned into a Major Orb of Ascension and an Orb of Power!

Maybe I was lucky, but without grinding loads of battles it’s hard to tell.

Droprate for the ascension orbs is 15%


From 406 Orb I get from Vault fights:

AVARAGE 0,0% 17,4% 24,4% 38,7% 33,3%
TOTAL 0 62 87 138 119
Power Ascension Clans Wisdom Growth

Record between 07.2021 to 10.2021


Up until you get Zuul, getting blue orbs is torture. It feels (or is?) much faster after that.

I got 4 minor and a major blue from just 64 vault keys.

Not getting eny from so many is terrible.

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