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Orb Gnome? Deed Gnome? Arcane Gnome?

Could we have Gnomes that drop Deeds, Orbs, Arcane Trait Stones, Forge Scrolls? Pretty much anything that the existing Gnomes don’t drop already.

If this would be unbalancing, their appearance rate could be slightly lower than existing Gnomes. You could also make them agile or stealthy, and increase their chance of running away a bit higher than 30%. Of course, their spells should be a terrible nuisance as well.

One may dream.

Empowered Gnomes with a ~90% run away chance for interesting loot like ten writs or orbs of growth. I think that’s doable.


Doable? Probably.

Resulting in many phones or other devices being hurled against the wall in frustration…?!

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And secretly boost runaway chance by how old your phone is, genius!

I really like the Forge Scroll gnome, +1 to that (though I still think they should also be added to maps and epic tasks).

I’d also love a token gnome. Anything to get them in a way besides endlessly grinding more Explore battles…

More gnomes are really just a nerf to pet gnomes …

While we do need forge scrolls, writs and deeds - I’m not sure it should come at the price of far fewer pet gnomes.

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The lack of Pet Gnome appearances has been bothering me for quite awhile.
More variety must require an increase in the chance of any Gnome appearing.

Pet gnomes have dedicated modes, though, so new gnomes could, too, as a measure to avoid dilution.

Token gnomes, for instance: could only occur in Explore.

Forge scroll gnomes? Unique to the Underworld, excluding boss rooms (and joined by a few other possible gnomes, like Chaos Shard gnomes, Treasure gnomes, Delve Sigil Gnome…)