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Oracle Build

What’s the best Talents and Team for Oracle?

You’d want to use either a Centaur team or meta Rope Dart team.

  1. Dragon’s Claw banner
    The Worldbreaker
    Astral Spirit
    Oracle + Prismatic Orb

talents: Serendipity, Precision*, Wind Speed, Celestial Currents, Mentor, Lightbringer, Divinity*.

  1. Shentang banner
    Divine Ishbaala
    Oracle + Rope Part
    Moon Rabbit

talents: Serendipity, Precision, Wind Speed, Dawn’s Aura, Gale Force, Tree of Knowledge or Child of Sky, Divinity.

With “*” I marked useless talents.

I would consider a different class. Oracle is fairly lame. If you’re already running Centaurs then by all means, but …

Every week :joy:

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I guess OP was asking in prevision of tomorrow’s new Campaign week :wink:

Ok, judging from the subsequent posts, nope, he’s just spamming the forum.

Could be both? :man_shrugging:

I just find it odd that these are exactly the same posts every week, and without much repartee back and forth. You’d think a person seeking advice might converse past the first post, or ask additional questions.

Best build is a shelf, that is keep it on the.

Here’s one to try out…