Option to opt out of current event?

Can we get an option to opt out of current events and thus not have to face 25%-50% cheese defends? inserts obligatory plox :sunglasses:

Can I opt out of Famine while we are at it?

Joking aside, I think opting out of weekly event buffs undoes the work the devs put into getting it there to begin with.

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It kind of force diversity play.
For example, this week, the cheese is Arcane Spirit.

So… just use 2 Troops that summon at bottom. And maybe a Spirit Fox to drain 1 AS and remove yellow.

Each week a new challenge!

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is what i read :grin:

Wouldn’t at least SOME changes in defense each week be better than KerbFG and Famine teams every week?

Considering how often a +50% double bonus troop goes from “decent” to “well that is just stupid broken”, perhaps the bonuses should be OR not AND. So this week would be Divinion Fields OR Centaur get 25%, but being DF and Centaur wouldn’t combine for 50%, just 25%.


That’s very true. You can’t imagine how happy I was this week to face Psion-Famine-Death-Famine or DK-Kerb defence in GW instead of all those stupid ASes and Orions.
But it’s exactly that - those troops are stupidly powerful this week. Not sure what exactly is the best solution, maybe what @Rasper wrote. Or just smaller buffs (e.g. 15% bonus instead of 25%). Or just no more Empowered troops dealing significant damage (vide the last event when Scale Guards had +50%). Although this time it wouldn’t do anything to Orion, who is really annoying too…

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Darn Orion.
If only there was a way to prevent his attack, like entangling him. Or protect myself with some kind of barrier. Or maybe just dust-devil him to the back…

Oh wait.

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Or gorg. Gorg just laughs at true shot.

On teams with AS and Orion, I run mercy/gorg and have done very well.

Well, of course he can be countered, just a couple of things:

  1. Most counters have to be prepared - or require luck, like Jotnar,
  2. I was referring to GW, so they counters limited,
  3. First of all I was comparing Orion/AS to most disliked teams (based on forum posts), which felt like a relief compared to this week meta.

Orion I can usually manage, especially with stun to knock out his true shot.

3-4 Empowered troops doing 30-40 true damage each however…