Option to lock dimension of the game in windowed mode


I request the option to lock height and width of the game window when not playing full screen. I personally dislike the fact that a misclick while playing the game can result in the window being resized, especially since it does not keep the current aspect ratio.

Since the game is made with Unity, I know that option exist. Please make it available for us users.



If you don’t mind nircmd or autohotkey, here’s two solutions:


nircmd win -style title "GemsofWar" 0x00040000


#SingleInstance force

WinWait, GemsofWar
WinSet Style, -0x00040000

0x00C40000 If you also want to strip away the titlebar (don’t forget the minus in front for the autohotkey version).

If the game’s graphics appear blurry, you’ll have to double click the titlebar to force a resize event. If you stripped away the titlebar too, Win+down arrow followed by Win+up arrow will fix the graphics being skewed.

Thanks for those solutions.

The question is, does the dev team mind this use of nircmd or autohot key? The last thing I want is to get a ban straight from the auto-checker and lose a month of playtime (or lose the account, you can never tell in those situations if they will just decide to not bother checking if the ban was legit). My account is years old, I don’t want to risk.

So I really hope someone will add that option to the game (since it is an option in Unity) and not require me to use 3rd party programs and risk a ban…

Understandable. I’ve been stripping away the titlebar for four years without anyone minding.

Here’s their zendesk link for what it’s worth: Hacking in Gems of War