Option to disable continuous messages about ascention

Please provide a way to disable the “just ascended” messages. They are annoying when they continuously pop up in the main game screens, and make it really difficult to follow the chat in the chat window. How is this useful to anyone:


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It’s useful in establishing a sense of urgency so you’ll be more likely to spend resources upgrading your troops. That said, an option to opt out would be quite welcome.

An entire chat screen full of the spam is needed to remind people? I cannot agree :slight_smile:

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Just change it to when someone finds an actual mythic please.

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This is really a Monday only type of problem, as everyone is flush with Guild resources. Some players burn them like there is a virtual hole in their pocket.

EDIT: You should have seen it on console when they notified on Legendary troops as well as Mythic…

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I’m just thankful that that sodding idiot pj paulos character has gone. Chat is marginally more tolerable now.

In some games when multiples of similar messages happen within a short time it groups them. IE it waits and collects all the similar messages/logins within x time. Then instead of noting them individually it notes them in a general mention. So if ascending a troop is slow you will see it listing individually as it is now. If a lot in x minutes. It could simply say ‘12 troops have been ascended by 3 players’. This would cut back on the spam you see and still list how much players are doing.

There is an integrated block feature in chat.

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I know. I currently have two people blocked

Agree 100%

Yeah good idea, only time it’s nice to get it is when they release a new mythic and you want to be sure it’s in the chest so you don’t waste ressource for nothing