Option to create a survey post


Hi GoW team,

In one of the threads, @Sirrian mentioned that one of the main pillars for good game design is “player feedback”.
Would it be possible to implement feature like a survey into the forum?
I think that this way you can receive feedback from more players because not everyone on the forum is interested in writing their opinion.
For some cases it is also more effective to get an idea than reading through the long posts.
Of course, it is important to receive also more detailed feedback but in some cases you just need numbers. I mean, not only the GoW team but we also like statistics :slight_smile:

You can even use it to ask community for feedback.

The rights to create a survey can be limited to a specific trust level badge.


I’m not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but there is already a way to create polls:


thx @dhjl
I will have to try once I have something interesting to ask :slightly_smiling: